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Want to check us out? No worries, your first visit is on us! Come by and see what we're all about.


After your first visit, we ask for a minimum donation of £5 for each meeting. You can visit us three times until we ask you to sign up to be a member. If you become a WI member you'll unlock a ton of amazing benefits:

  • 11 Treacle Tarts WI meetings a year

  • Access to WI services, like the Learning Hub - featuring courses on nutrition, crafts, mental health and more!

  • Subscription to WI Life magazine

We also ask for donations towards refreshments for each meeting.


Membership is paid for on an annual basis and this is due every April. However, if you're joining us after April, you don't have to pay for the full year:

  • Full year membership (1 April - 31 March) - £48.00

  • 9 month membership (1 July - 31 March) - £36.00

  • 6 month membership (1 October - 31 March) - £24.00

  • 3 month membership (1 Jan - 31 March) - £12.00

If you have any questions regarding money matters, please speak to our treasurer, Pip.

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