In February 2017 Treacle Tarts became affiliated with the Wasps Rugby Team who are based at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.  One of the Treacle Tarts former founders noticed that the Wasps were reaching out to various parts of the community and had event started a new netball team.  Their inclusive approach matches what Treacle Tarts is about too.  It offers different opportunities for our ladies and allows us to extend our community links and be able to have a positive influence on women's attitude to sport, especially rugby.  This is also a good opportunity for our WI members to include their families.  We are hoping to host events with the WASPS including running mini coaching training sessions at the ground, a Q & A session at one of our monthly meetings and even receiving some cooking tips from the players' coach.  


The Tarts families and friends attended their first rugby match on Sunday 26 February to be officially welcomed in to the WASPS family as you can see from the photo on our front page.  We are now also part of the WASPS cash back scheme.

If you fancy going to watch the WASPS play rugby or any member of your family or friends would like to see a game, then please order your tickets via the link below.   All ticket purchases ( some exclusions e.g season tickets) to be made using the Club Cashback Code ( TREACLE) at the checkout on the main Wasps Ticketing Website   15% cash back to Treacle Tarts at the end of the season.